2017 Northern Nevada Medicare Advantage Plans

northern nevada medicare advantage 2 womenWe are offering two new plans for residents of Carson City, Douglas, Lyons and Storey counties in 2017 — the Prominence Value Plan, which includes Medicare Part D Prescription Drug coverage, and the Prominence Prime Plan, which does not have prescription drug coverage. Learn about the plans below.

Prominence Value Plan — Includes Prescription Drug Coverage

The Prominence Value Plan includes prescription drug coverage and the following:

  • No deductible
  • No referrals to see specialists
  • Low copayments for Primary Care Provider (PCP) office visits
  • $30 copayment for routine eye exam and up to $50 every year for eyewear
  • $10 copayment for hearing exam and up to $380 for hearing aids each year
  • $15 monthly allowance for over the counter (OTC) medications and supplies
  • Acupuncture – $20 copayment for 10 visits annually
  • $3,400 out-of-pocket maximum
  • Coverage in the Prescription Drug Gap, or “donut hole,” for generic drugs
  • A mail order prescription drug program with a three-month supply of drugs for only two copayments.  Learn more >
  • Silver&Fit® exercise program membership with access to participating facilities with no deductible or copay.  Learn more >
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Prominence Prime Plan — Without Prescription Drug Coverage

The Prominence Prime Plan contains all of the benefits of the Prominence Value Plan (see plan description above) without the prescription drug coverage.

This plan is ideal if:

  • You don’t take prescription drugs, or
  • You have other drug coverage through another source like the Veterans Affairs

(Please note: you cannot enroll in another Part D drug plan and Prominence Prime.)

And best of all:

  • With this plan you receive a rebate on your Medicare Part B premium that will save you hundreds of dollars per year!
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For a complete listing of benefits see the Benefit Forms and Resources page >


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