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People choose Prominence Health Plan because we often cover more benefits than Original Medicare. Some plans also cover Part D prescription drugs. The cost of coverage varies by plan, and at times you may pay more or less for a certain benefit. It’s important to understand your coverage fully to make informed decisions about your health.

Nevada Plan Documents and Resources >
View benefit highlights, plan overviews and a complete summary of benefits for Prominence Plus, Prominence Value and Prominence Prime plans.

Find a Doctor >
Search for providers online, download provider directories, and find out how to get care from out-of-network providers.

Vision and Hearing Aid Reimbursements >
Download vision and hearing hardware claim forms.

Medicare Policies and Procedures (Part C) >
See what services require prior authorization, find instructions to make an appeal or a complaint and learn your rights and responsibilities after disenrollment.

Prescription Drugs (Part D) >
Visit our Pharmacy page for formulary information and resources regarding prescription drug coverage for Medicare Part D.

Health and Fitness >
Prominence Health Plan offers free membership at selected in-network health clubs and fitness centers through the Silver&Fit Program.


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