2021 Palm Beach County Benefits Table2020-08-31T18:12:04-04:00

Prominence Plus

Original Medicare
$0 Plan Premium
Provider Office Visits

no deductibles
$0 primary care
$0 specialists

w/$185 deductible
20% coinsurance

Telemedicine Visits

$0 copay per visit

Inpatient Hospital Coverage

no deductibles
$0 per day, days 1-5
$0 per day, days 6-90
$0 per day, days 91 and beyond

w/$1,364 deductible

$0 Lab Tests
Out-of-Pocket Maximum
(Limit to the amount you pay
 medical services each year)


Prescription Drug Coverage

Now even more prescriptions available for $0

Preventive and Comprehensive
Dental Coverage

$2,000 per year

Vision Coverage
Hearing Aid Coverage
Fitness Center Membership
Annual Comprehensive
Physical Exam
Over the Counter
Medications and Supplies

$35 monthly allowance



*You must continue to pay your Part B premium.

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