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2020 Northern Nevada Medicare Advantage Plan

Prominence Health Plan offers the Prominence Plus medical plan with dental, vision and hearing coverage to residents of Carson City, Douglas, Lyon and Storey counties in Nevada.

The Prominence Plus Plan provides more coverage than Original Medicare, which has coverage gaps and may not offer the protection you need. The plan has set copays, out-ofpocket maximum protection and no deductibles, which can make your healthcare costs more predictable and help you better manage your needs.

Compare the Prominence Plus Plan to Original Medicare


Prominence Plus

Original Medicare
$0 Plan Premium
Inpatient Hospital Coverage

no deductibles
$340 per day, days 1-5
$0 per day, days 6-90
$0 per day, days 91 and beyond

w/$1,364 deductible

Provider Office Visits

no deductibles
$0 primary care
$30 specialists

w/$185 deductible
20% coinsurance

Out-of-Pocket Maximum
(Limit to the amount you pay
 medical services each year)


Prescription Drug Coverage
Telemedicine Visits

$0 copay per visit

Preventive and Comprehensive
Dental Coverage

$500 per year for preventive services
$1,500 per year for comprehensive service

Vision Coverage
Hearing Coverage
Fitness Center Membership
Annual Comprehensive
Physical Exam
Over the Counter
Medications and Supplies

$100 allowance every three months


*You must continue to pay your Part B premium.

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