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Turning 65? Look Beyond Original Medicare

When most Americans reach age 65, they become eligible for Medicare. So, it’s best to start thinking about your options now. Will Original Medicare deliver the benefits and cost savings you need? If not, a Medicare Advantage plan may be right for you.

Medicare Basics

Medicare plans fall into four programs, or “parts,” that cover certain aspects of services:


Medicare Part A (Original Medicare)

Hospital Insurance: Most people do not pay a premium for this.


Medicare Part B

Medical Insurance: This covers care you’ll receive from your doctors and other healthcare providers. Most people pay a monthly premium.


Medicare Part C

Medicare Advantage: Medicare Advantage plans are considered Part C. They combine Parts A and B, plus offer additional benefits and coverage for prescription drugs.


Medicare Part D

Prescription Drugs: To get prescription drug coverage in Original Medicare, you must purchase a Part D prescription plan.

Prominence Medicare Advantage plan members pay a $0 premium. They receive more benefits than Original Medicare, ways to stretch their healthcare dollar and more. Learn more about how our plans may fit your needs.

Why Prominence Medicare?

You get all the benefits of Original Medicare and much more. Prominence’s Medicare Advantage plan is designed to deliver great benefits, minimize your costs, enable easier access to the care you need and provide local support from people who care.

Beyond the primary care, hospital, outpatient and drug benefits, the Prominence Medicare Advantage plan includes coverage for dental, vision and hearing aids. We also provide valuable additional benefits, including an over-the-counter card and fitness programs.

Our plans also include:

$0 Premiums
$0 Telemedicine visits
$0 Primary care provider visits
$0 Lab tests
$0 for many prescription drugs (with even more prescriptions now available at no charge!)

With Prominence, You Get Even More!

Prominence Medicare Advantage plans offer the robust benefits above, plus other support, special programs and services to help members be their healthiest.

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