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Savings on Insulin (formerly the Prominence Senior Savings Program)

Our Senior Savings Program has been replaced by the Federal Inflation Reduction Act. As part of this program, Select Insulins are covered at no more than $35 (for a 30-day supply).*

*This program is not applicable for Extra Help or Dual Plan members who will pay $0.

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Select Insulins

Not applicable for Dual Plan or Extra Help members

Tier 2

Name Dosage Form
Novolog 70/30 Vial/Flexpen
Novolog Vial/Flexpen/Penfill

*The select insulins will be identified in the formulary with “SI”.

Tier 3

Name Dosage Form
Flasp Flextouch/Penfill/Vial
Novolog 70/30 Vial/Flexpen
Novolin N Vial/Flexpen
Novolin R Vial/KwikPen
Humulin R U-500 Vial/KwikPen
Toujeo Vial/Pen
Lantus Vial/Pen

Last update 9/14/2023

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