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Eligible for Both Medicare and Medicaid? Or Have Medicare’s Extra Help?
Discover our Special Benefits Plans

Our Special Benefits Plans are designed for people who generally have lower incomes and are either eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid or Medicare’s Extra Help for Prescription Drugs program.

Prominence Dual Plan

The Prominence Medicare Advantage Dual Plan combines both Medicare and Medicaid to provide your maximum coverage with no copayments. Plus, we offer additional annual benefits, including:

  • Up to $4,000 for preventive and comprehensive dental care*
  • $500 for eyewear
  • $3,000 for hearing aids, both ears combined
  • A transportation benefit that includes both health-related and non-health-related destinations
  • A monthly food benefit that can also be used to pay for utilities like power or water**

*Not all plans offer this level of benefit
**Not available on all plans

Prominence Extra Help Plan

Our Extra Help Plan was specially designed for people who have Medicare’s Extra Help for Prescription Drugs program. If you qualify for this plan, you will get enhanced benefits like:

  • $0 for Medicare Part D drugs -prescriptions that you typically buy at a drug store
  • No deductibles or donut hole for covered prescriptions
  • Monthly plan premium is covered with no cost to you
  • $0 primary care provider and low or no specialist copays
  • Lower or no hospital fees
  • Plus, coverage for dental, eyeglasses and hearing aids

It’s worth it to see if you qualify for Extra Help, which is estimated to be worth about $5,300 per year.*

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Our Special Benefits Plans are not available in all areas so check our Find a Plan page to learn more. And contact your insurance agent or Prominence to enroll in the plan.

Why Prominence Medicare?

Compared to Original Medicare plans and even other Medicare Advantage plans, a Prominence Medicare plan is designed to deliver more benefits, minimize your costs, enable easier access to the care you need and provide you with local support from people who care.

With Prominence, You Get Even More!

Prominence Medicare Advantage plans offer the robust benefits above, plus other support, special programs and services to help members be their healthiest.

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Thank you for considering Prominence!

Let Prominence give you richer benefits and more cost savings than you may find with other plans. We have experienced brokers available in your area to answer any questions you may have, or you can call us directly at 866-747-8855 (TTY:711).

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